If you’re here to read the pages of our website it is likely that you are looking for a different wedding from the normal. Not necessarily eccentric or revolutionary, but certainly not trivial and flat.

If this is really what you're looking for, congratulations! You have found exactly the team that will make your wedding day unique.

We always look for trendy wedding arrangements for our couples, following precise fashion and style rules, so that your guests will be impressed and pleasantly enthusiastic about the reception you have organized.

We want to organize for couples like you a day out of the ordinary, to transmit a precise identity (starting from the choice of courses passing then to the details of preparation, mise en place and service) and create a real style experience.


If you are a lover of nature this is definitely the style you’d prefer.
Elegant farmhouses and villas surrounded by greenery.
In these locations and with this style, the refinement of the set-up and the informality of the dwelling are perfectly mixed, making the products seem even more genuine and authentic.
A seemingly simple choice but able to amaze all your guests thanks to the suggestion of nature that will frame your sophisticated banquet


If you want a classy and refined wedding, then this is the style for you.
If you chose a prestigious villa, a castle or the residence of some noble character for your reception, then the Elegance Style fits perfectly.
A very elegant style: rosé sparkling wines, cocktails in Martini cups, refined settings with crystal risers and minimalist colours.
If you want your guests to be amazed during all the time of the reception, you've already figured out what you must choose.